YouTube Channels

Organizations and individuals across the world offer support and information about the value of nutrition. YouTube channels provide a platform to share expert insights about healthy eating.

Brands and institutions also use these channels for advertising and promoting their nutritional products to the public.

Quest Nutrition

This channel streams from the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. The show represents the bestselling protein bar in the state. The brand is passionate about creating tasty foods that don’t compromise on nutrition. The products are great for proactive individuals in the workplace, gym, and many others.

Sarah Moran Nutrition

Sarah hosts this informative channel about eating healthy and living an active lifestyle. She dishes out details about nutritional questions, delicious recipes, eating tips, and creating a meal plan catered to the unique needs of your family.

Allmax Nutrition

This YouTube channel is backed by experts and scientific data to bring viewers information about the world of fitness and the role of nutrition in bodybuilding and fitness. They discuss the big names in nutritional supplements that take training to the next level.

British Nutrition

This channel is for the whole family, and it discusses issues concerning nutrition in society. They have many videos that can help people of all ages to learn more about healthy eating and nutrition. They discuss the role of nutrition in the family with experts in the field.

Institution of Child Nutrition

This US-based organization uses a variety of video resources to educate people about the value of nutrition. They draw from studies conducted by educational institutions such as the

School of Applied Sciences at The University of Mississippi. This organization also uses federal funds to promote research, training, and education for child nutrition programs.

Use these channels to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of nutritional sciences. Read our story to stay connected and in the loop.