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The Nutrients Recovery Project
My ongoing, long term project at the Organic Garden of the Australian National University in Canberra aims to make safe soil using my daily urine output. This fertilizer will be used to grow healthy vegetables meant to be eaten and to close the cycle all over again. Learn more.

Can seemingly useless shells become the ingredient for new connections and a work of art?

As part of the 2012 Cheng Long Environmental Art Project we recycled clam shells in Taipei to be made into a community-driven, large-scale mosaic project in the Wetlands of southwestern Taiwan.

Foodchain Mosaic

JongWoon Hsu working the mosaic beneath Highway 61.

Wetland farmers of the greater Cheng Long area in Yunlin County are primarily producing clams, about 80 percent of Taiwan's total consumption. The question was if we could close the cycle of production – at least to a certain degree – and bring people and discarded shells together for an ambitious public art venture...


Radishes for Adoption
PDFProject report: Growing Radishes with 30 Families
The zine Create The Situation (CTS) by Jennifer Delos Reyes and Kerri-Lynn Reeves invited me to create an issue in the Radishes for Adoption that I realized in spring 2009. The publication illustrates on 8 pages my motivations and the outcome of this urban food growing initiative.

Seeing Peace
PDFExhibition report: Towards a Culture of Peace
In late August 2008, a group of international photographers explored visual languages of peace that are neither antitodes of war, nor sugar-sweet utopia. Markuz Wernli Saito looks at how artists expand from inner peace, scrutinize meaning in conflict, seek ways of provoking peace, or touch on empathy and oneness. No matter what creative strategy is taken, peace is created only in relationship.

badatsports: Episode 136, Ampersand International
Brian Anders and Marc Deblanc talk at Ampersand gallery in San Francisco with Lori Gordon, Hope Hilton, Markuz Wernli Saito and Bruno Mauro about Lying to Curators and strange Effects of Silence.

CASAzine issue 4: Drawing the Line (between art and activism)
In the most recent issue I am discussing with curators Milena Placentile and Monika Vykoukal the public action series At Your Service where we look closer at activist implications and combined efforts towards social transformation.

ASPECT The Chronicle of New Media Art, Vol. 10: Rural Educator and environmental journalist Deborah Mantle didn't shy from getting up early and wet feet. She joined me to a City Canal Tour and realized a commented video-feature for this DVD magazine. Read the experience report on wilderness in the urban.


D I A L O G · I N · C O M M O N

Brett Bloom [Temporay Services] reflects on the Service Paradigm in art: "It is the social spaces that artists produce. This can produce a sociological analysis if we are talking of art as providing a service."

Jane Trowell [Platform London] talks about artful collaboration and public learning: "Basically it's about making a subject dynamic, which before was made accessible to a very specific audience through restricted language."

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